What Should Sarah Palin's Next Job Be?

By Tommy Christopher Asylum.com

Yesterday was Sarah Palin's last day as Governor of Alaska, and while she was swearing in new Governor Sean Parnell, one question was on the minds of all Americans: What job will Sarah Palin quit next?

Even though David Letterman got himself into deep trouble by suggesting a career in slutty aviation for the Wasilla Thrilla, we here at Asylum feel duty-bound to lend a helping hand.

NHL Commissioner

Despite less-than-warm feelings from some hockey fans, this job would be a natural for Palin. Instead of being a "hockey mom," she could be hockey's actual mom.

Starting Pitcher

The former governor certainly knows how to throw a curveball, and this is one job where it's OK to leave after six innings.

Klondike Bar Spokesperson

This would be a great twin-killing for Palin, as she could earn some coin, while finally giving a rational explanation for her resignation. She did it for a Klondike Bar!

Tina Fey Impersonator

Palin would make an excellent substitute for the sexy "30 Rock" star, and who wouldn't want to see her play against liberal firebrand Alec Baldwin? Plus, can you say catchphrase? I can see Hoboken from my house!

After the jump, more suggestions that we feel make use of the now-former-governor's unique skillset.
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