Tips & Tricks: How to Play Hidden Object Games


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If you haven't played any of our hidden object games, you're missing out on a wealth of seek-and-find fun. Like I SPY and Where's Waldo riddle books, hidden object games challenge you to look closely at each scene to discover a set of items in order to complete the level.

So how do you master hidden object games? Take your time, and look closely. Some objects are actually lying in plain sight, while others will take a little more sleuthing to find.

In Mystery of the Crystal Portal, you have to find various items to activate multiple objects in each scene.

Look for corners of objects.
Sometimes only part of the item you're looking for will be visible -- if something looks like it's sticking out from behind a box, or peeking out from under some stairs, click on it! It may be the object you're looking for.

Look for patterned surfaces.
Wallpapers, posters and curtains are prime places to look for objects, especially ones that may blend into the background. For example, the pen you're looking for may be hidden in between the stripes on the wall -- the flower you're looking for may be part of a photo or painting.

Look for areas that don't seem to be hiding anything. If there's a surface or object that takes up a large space, chances are there is an object hidden in it. It may be the same color as the large object, or rotated so that you don't immediately recognize it as the item you're looking for.

In Mystery Case Files, you are given a list of items on the right side to find under a certain time limit.

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