Howard Stern blasts Dan Abrams, Mediaite for his low Power Grid ranking

I'm not the only one who thinks Mediaite's Power Grid leaves something to be desired. On his Sirius XM (SIRI) radio show this morning, Howard Stern took a verbal pickaxe to the new media-industry news site, insisting he should have be ranked at the top of its list of the most influential radio hosts. (Instead, he's only No. 16.)

"I am the biggest thing that's ever happened in broadcasting, point blank," he fumed. "There's no question who the most influential broadcaster in history, or right now, is, in terms of relevance. It's me. It'll always be me."
Stern was responding to a bulletin from his news reporter, Steve Langford, informing him that "the wannabes at something called Mediaite have cooked up" a list that put him below the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Laura Schlesinger, NPR's Steve Inskeep, and Stern's personal bête noire, Don Imus, in terms of importance.

"I'm sure if you dig deep enough, you'll find out that the people who run this so-called survey, which I've never heard of, have something to do with terrestrial radio," Stern proclaimed.

Langford then told him that Mediaite is the work of former MSNBC anchor Dan Abrams, who founded the site in part as a marketing tool for his consulting agency, Abrams Research. Langford noted that blogger-slash-journalism guru Jeff Jarvis has said the site's conflicted mission makes it "stink."

"So in other words, it's a hidden agenda," Stern replied.

I emailed Abrams to see if he has any response to Stern's broadside -- beyond sheer glee that someone as notable as Stern gobbled up such cheap bait, that is. Abrams passed me on to Mediaite editor Colby Hall, who offered this comment:

Howard Stern is totally right - we are wannabes. Still, we're thrilled that Howard is following his ranking on the power grid so closely.

The truth is that if we were to include annual salary (which we don't for radio hosts) Howard would be ranked near the very top of the rankings. That does not change the fact that since moving to Sirius Radio his number of listeners is down which is the key metric keeping him down on the power grid. Still he's the second most blogged about, which helps make up for his 35th "ratings" rank.

As we have always said, we are open to suggestions on changes to the metrics and so far we have not heard from Baba Booey.
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