How to steal the 'Bachelorette' style

My roommate, Katie, and I went to sleep last night thinking, "How could she?"

The "she" in question was Jillian Harris, ABC's fifth-season star of "The Bachelorette." At the end of a dramatic finale episode, Harris spurned one proposal (from contestant Reid Rosenthal) and accepted another (from contestant Ed Swiderski). Katie and I are rabid fans of the adorable Reid, so we were crushed.

But as is the case with all heartbreak, it's best to not dwell on it -- and to try to focus on something positive. Here's what I can say for Jillian: while I'm still shaking my head over her taste in men, one thing I've never questioned is her fashion sense.

Traditionally, ABC trots out its "Bachelorette" showpieces in outfits just slightly less offensive than the ensembles on "American Idol," where the clothes are always generic, cheap-looking and gaggingly trendy. Jillian, though, has been a fresh breath of fashion air all season long, proving time and again that she has an eye for structured silhouettes, a fearless love of color, and a staunch policy against too-sexy, sausage-casing looks.

Which brings me to SeenOn!, the site that indexes and explains Jillian's looks -- and, most importantly, tells you where to buy her earrings, shoes and everything in between.

Not a "Bachelorette" watcher? There's something wrong with you! No, kidding -- I was going to say that you can log on to SeenOn! to check out lustworthy looks from other small-screen stars, from the fashion slaves on "The Hills" and "The City" to the culinary climbers on "Top Chef."

In a time when celebrities (A-list and otherwise) have replaced runway models as the vanguards of chic, a site like SeenOn! isn't just a great resource. It's the ultimate democratization of fashion; it extends the benefits of having a professional stylist to the average, Internet-connected consumer -- for free.

Now, if it could just do something about Ed's trademark toddler-camp tanktop/seventies-fab swim trunks combo. Sigh.
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