Ben Silverman blames everyone but himself

Ben Silverman isn't any more gracious on the way out than he was on the way in.

Hours after announcing his departure from NBC Universal, where he spent two undistinguished years as co-chief of entertainment, the former wunderkind talent agent was spinning hard, blaming his very public failure on the corporate environment that surrounded him.

"I learned so much about management, human resources and financial oversight," Silverman tells the New York Post today. "But I like to move really quickly. I found it was harder to capitalize on a vision and agenda inside a corporation. It was hard trying to change the culture."
Translation: Those starched shirts at GE just weren't read for my radical, out-of-the-box revolutionarity, man!

Silverman also took a page from the George W. Bush playbook, suggesting that posterity will view him kindly even if his contemporaries don't. "I think that I will be judged in the future on what I was trying to accomplish in the present," he tells Variety.

You can't blame Silverman for wanting to present his departure in the most favorable light possible. But you'd think he might've learned the virtues of keeping his fool mouth shut by now. After all, if he hadn't pinned a giant target to his own back by trash-talking his rivals practically before he'd even reported for work, it's possible the industry might have given him the benefit of the doubt. Instead, Silverman was under the microscope from day one, his every failure celebrated, his every success minimized, his every faux pas quickly leaked to Nikki Finke.

On the other hand, whenever you're spouting self-aggrandizing blather, however dubious, there's always the chance that someone will buy it -- and that that someone will then give you $100 million to play around with.
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