One solution to overdraft fees: find a bank that doesn't have them


I've written a lot about bank overdraft fees lately, and so I thought I'd mention to the WalletPop world: Probity Financial Services.

Probity Financial Services is an online bank that offers a checking account with no overdraft fees. As it says on its website: "None, nada, never."

If you use a debit card a lot, or write a lot of checks, and you're constantly off by a few dollars and being slammed with bank fees, this could work out well for you. So if one day you wake up and realize you spent too much, and you're $43.22 in the negative in your bank account, you simply put money back in your account when you can and move on. There are no fees. You won't suddenly find yourself with six bank fees each worth $37.50 and realizing that you've just given your monthly grocery bill to the bank.

It all sounds wonderful, and I'm sure it is, but there are several things to be aware of.