Get your Jamba on: Juice company puts the squeeze on a cult cartoonist


In the grand scheme of things, Get Your War On is pretty small potatoes. While the online comic strip's popularity grew last year with a series of animated segments that ran on Huffington Post, it has generally been the preserve of a small, rabidly-devoted group of fans. Consequently, when Jamba Juice decided to run an ad that imitated its distinctive look and tone, few people noticed.

Unfortunately, the comic's creator, David Rees, was one of them.

In the days since the story broke, Rees has gone to the mattresses, transforming this tempest in a teapot into a battle for the soul of the internet. Loudly proclaiming that "Juice sucks, drink wine," the cartoonist noted the similarity between the ad and his strip, argued that Jamba was trying to indicate his endorsement of their product, and demanded that the juicy company explain itself.