The Body Language Trick That Can Get You Promoted

By Ann Kelly for Lemondrop

If you'd have told us years ago that we ought to keep our hands in our lap while talking to our boss, we would have said something like "Shut up, square, 'My So-Called Life' is on." But with the job market the way it is today (and that show sadly canceled), we now realize that every little detail matters.

We asked Kevin Hogan, body-language expert and author of "The Science of Influence," to reveal some simple moves that instantly broadcast that you're a confident, competent career-blazer.

DO be on your toes.

Keep your toes pointed toward whomever you're talking to. If your legs are crossed, make sure at least one foot is in their direction. The reason: When your toes point elsewhere it, it can subconsciously broadcast that you're thinking about the exit.

DON'T pull a Mr. Burns.

Steepling your fingers makes others think you're on a power trip (helloooo, Donald Trump) and that you're condescending.

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