10 Things Not to Say to a Guy Who's Been Laid Off*

By Anonymous Guy Writer

In case you hadn't heard, the economy is in worse shape than Artie Lange. So it shouldn't come as a total shock if your boyfriend, husband, or dude-you're-kinda-seeing-but-don't-know-what-to-call-it gets a pink memo.

Ease the pain by avoiding the following NSFAGWOOW (Not Safe For A Guy Who's Out Of Work) phrases. That way you won't make things worse for a guy who's already had a horrible week ego-wise.

10. "Oh my god! What are we gonna do!"
For starters, let's not freak out. Right now your guy needs support, not another fire to put out, and losing your cool is only going to make things worse.

9. "Why?"
Dude, he just got the axe -- making him highlight his incompetence by explaining why is like kicking him in the head with your hooker boots.

8. "You better start looking..."
...for a new job, or a more supportive girlfriend?

7. "Great, now I'm gonna have to work twice as hard."
Perfect. That means you'll have half as much time to make us feel like crap.

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