The Frugal Geek: How to get the most out of Comic Con for less


Just because you're going to get your Geek on at Comic Con, July 23 - 27 at the San Diego Convention Center, doesn't mean your wallet is faster than a speeding bullet, or has mutant powers, or...well, you know what I'm getting at.

Yes, the opportunities to spend are many, but there are also a few common sense ways to save at Comic Con.

Bring cash -- Most vendors take credit and debit cards, but some don't, especially the small indie vendors. Why risk it? Cold hard semolians also makes it easier for you to budget what you're willing to spend at Comic Con and hold to it. There's so much to buy it's easy to blow your wad in the first hour. But if you've thought through what you want, you can make your dollar go further by not frittering it away on every cool little gizmo you see. And you'll see a lot of super cool stuff.

A tip: Don't waste your money on anything you can get at your local comic book store or game shop any day of the week. Save it for the stuff you won't find anywhere else. Comic Con is when vendors pull out the hard core, one-of-a-kind items.

Another upside of plentiful cash? You won't have to face that daunting ATM line (with those accompanying fees). The ATMS often run out of cash anyway later in the afternoon. Cash and carry, baby.