Too busy? Hit the pause button on these subscription services

Don't you wish life had a pause button? Things get hectic, routines change, the weather gets warmer and all of the sudden things that used to be worth your time and money become expensive drains on your bank account.

I bet you didn't know that many popular subscription services will actually let you pause your subscription for a few months without impacting any membership terms or losing any credits. You can even temporarily stop some services like cell phones, that carry a heavy fee to permanently cancel, for next to nothing.

Here are a few services that can be placed on hold:
  • Netflix -- Choose "Put membership on hold" when logged in.
  • Audible -- Email customer service, can be put on hold for up to 3 months.
  • Newspaper -- Call the circulation department, time varies by paper.
  • Magazines -- For CondeNast magazines you can call, email or phone.
  • Gym membership -- Ask at the front desk; remember to ask someone who has power.
  • Cell Phone -- Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T offer a hold feature; but it will cost you.
  • Cable -- Time Warner, amongst others, offers this. Just call the customer service number.

While the terms vary on each service, placing your account on hold is almost always cheaper than canceling if you plan to use it again in the near future. Best of all, with Audible, I can make use of the two credits I already have on my account and still get discounts on books while the account is on hold. But watch out: Other accounts, like cellphone service, aren't as generous and any use may restart your service. Check with the carrier and make sure you pay attention!

If you have another subscription service that isn't listed, don't give up hope. It's expensive to get new customers so many companies will work with you to keep your business. If you've been a good customer you may even find that some smaller companies will give you a deep discount or free service ... but the only way to find out is to ask.
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