Not-so-friendly skies: United gives to itself, not musician whose guitar it broke


What you probably know, along with millions of other YouTube viewers, is that a young man named Dave Carroll has written and filmed a cheeky, catchy little song called "United Breaks Guitars" after the airline socked a hole in his $3,000-plus Taylor acoustic guitar in 2008, then refused to replace the cherished instrument -- or even pay for the repair.

The country-esque music video has fast become one of the most popular submitted by a little-known musician in YouTube's history, and made Carroll a folk hero to frustrated air travelers everywhere.

Now here's what you don't know: In an interview Monday with WalletPop, the Canadian singer-songwriter and member of the group Sons of Maxwell disclosed many previously undisclosed details behind his beloved guitar. Too bad United honchos didn't know those details, for they'd be rushing to replace Carroll's busted axe faster than you can say "clear for takeoff"-- though that's not about to happen anytime soon.

"I'm not sure what they're going to do at this point," Carroll said while on a break from touring the Taylor Guitars facility in El Cajon, Calif., at the invitation of owner Bob Taylor. "What I suggested is that they find someone who is a musician, and might not have the money to fly for medical reasons, and just give them the money to give them a lift -- no pun intended. I thought that would be a fantastic idea."