Deals of the Week


Time Management
Dress Up Rush - $9.95
Help customers find the perfect outfits and create your own world of fashion!

Jane's Realty - $6.95
Build a city, furnish houses, and collect rent as you become the town's premier realtor.

As Seen on TV - Word Games

Double Play: Family Feud and Family Feud 2 - $19.95
Survey Says: Two great word games for the price of one! Guess the survey answers, get streaks and go head-to-head with another family in one of TV's most popular game shows!


Double Play: Jewel Quest II and Jewel Quest III - $19.95
Two match 3 puzzle games for the price of one! Can you match that? Uncover buried treasure and ancient relics with the popular Jewel Quest series.

Hidden Objects in Egypt

Double Play: Mystery Bundle - $19.95
Two mystery games for the price of one! The Jewel Quest and Mysterious City Cairo game bundle will have you looking for hidden objects in Egypt for hours on end.

Let us know if you've been playing any of these titles and share your experiences with our other readers!