From thrift shop to employment opp: Lou Carlozo tries on his WalletPop duds for a high-stakes job interview

Forget Armani, Zegna or Versache: For my fashion dollar, there's only one Italian I'm sticking by as I walk into the job interview vortex, and that's Marco Liotta.

Liotta, you may recall, was the suave New York City fashion maven (and consultant to shows such as "Sex and the City") who took me to a Goodwill store in SoHo to see if we could find clothes worthy of GQ and a job interview for less than $50. Hey, Liotta must know something: He owns two uber-hip Amarcord Vintage Fashion shops in the Big Apple.

Sure enough we did it, snagging two shirts, dress pants and a pair of black leather shoes with the allotted dough and change to spare. You can view the original piece, and the video where I do the Best Mannequin Impersonation Ever, by clicking here.

But it's one thing to buy these clothes as an exercise in thrift -- and quite another to put them to the test in a real-live, every-impression-counts job interview. Call me fixated on getting the real story, but do WalletPop readers deserve any less? So I donned the stud duds for a Tuesday, July 21 job interview at Concordia University in River Forest, Ill.

The position: Assistant professor in charge of building a new journalism program.

The pay: No clue as of yet, but I'm assuming more than what I'd make at Starbucks.

The competition: Didn't meet 'em. But I'm assuming the other interviewees will all be dressed to the nines. And I want to be a Perfect 10. Which brings me to...

The duds: My Marco Liotta-picked navy blue slacks and J. Crew dress shirt with blue and brown vertical stripes, as pictured above.

I did have to make some concessions; it was too muggy to wear the sweater vest Liotta picked out, so I opted instead for a Zegna tie in my collection. Marco thinks I looked more relaxed without a tie, but this Zegna accessory does make me feel relaxed because it's so freaking stylish: navy blue with a pattern of small golden crests. Plus technically, it qualifies as quasi-thrift shop: Retailing at $130, I bought it brand new at a garage sale for a buck.

So how did the interview go? Fingers crossed on that one. But I will say that I felt great because I knew that I looked great in Marco's duds. And if another interview comes up, I'm going to be sure to wear them again...

..for example, if I interview for a full-time job at WalletPop! (HINT HINT!)...

You know, making coffee for the staff. (you're hired! -- eds)
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