Dave Ramsey on bailouts, foreclosures, and how the recession can save America


Demographically, I should hate Dave Ramsey.

I'm a gay, Jewish liberal from New England, and he's a Bible quoting family values type from Tennessee.

Still: He's one of my favorite financial gurus. He offers sensible financial advice with no shortcuts: 15-year fixed rate mortgages with large down payments, stay out of credit card debt, live below your means, and save for the future.

And while you might not like his possibly condescending delivery, he reaches a demographic that probably wouldn't pay much attention to Suze Orman or David Bach. Dollar for dollar, there are probably few people who can claim to have helped as many people turn around their financial lives as Dave Ramsey has.

Plus, his delivery is funny and his book "The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan For Financial Fitness" should be sent to every single American who has credit card debt.