The World's Worst Bosses

By Emerald Catron for Lemondrop

There's a reason they call it work, but a boss from hell can turn a crappy job into an absolute nightmare. We went to our friends asking them for some of their worst boss experiences and were shocked with what we heard. (And we've had a lot of internships.)

These are pretty bad, but do you have a boss who makes these 10 jerks sound like perfect angels? Let us know in the comments.


Sometimes you wish you knew your boss a little better. Other times you wish he hadn't just laid out in minute detail the enema-vs.-no-enema-before-anal-sex debate he and his boyfriend are currently involved in ... while you're trapped in his car. That will pretty much make anyone wish they'd resigned themselves to listening to audio-books in stony silence.

Insecure Megalomaniac

This guy walks around talking about how he's the greatest boss ever, making jokes and then telling people to laugh at them, and generally thinking his turds smell and look like roses. This is all prior to him calling you into his office where he accosts you and begs to know whether or not you like him, because he's a nice guy, right? Wrong.

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