Recall: There's dairy in my sorbet!


Sorbet is a simple food for people who have shunned off dairy like myself. The best sorbet has three ingredients, sugar, ice and fruit (or a chocolate liquor if you must). It's hard to mess it up. But when two major supermarket chains have recalled sorbet products for possibly having dairy, you know it's not a safe world for vegans or lactose-challenged people out there.

Both Giant Food and Stop & Shop announced Friday they are taking select products off of their shelves, after being informed by the supplier that the pints were improperly labeled and could contain dairy.

A wise move, lest they run into any angry lactose-intolerant consumers out there. Dairy allergens can be life-threatening, and vegans, well we all know how mad vegans can get.

The culprits are "Nature's Promise" lemon and strawberry-flavored sorbet as well as "Espo's" mango, lemon, and raspberry sorbettos. Be on the lookout for these brands, and if you've already purchased them, take them back to the store for a full refund.

It's a tough world out there for people with limited diets or food allergies. A recent independent study tested 17 local LA vegan restaurants, and found that seven of the restaurants carried food made with animal products.

With any processed food, you never really know exactly what you're getting. It's enough to make you want to sit at home and just eat fruits and vegetables all day. Me? I'm off to my local gourmet dairy-free ice cream shop, StoGo, aka the best thing ever.

Originally published