Murder all the bankers you can find, but only on your iPhone


A new game for the iPhone and iPod touch hopes to tap into the blood-lust some Americans feel for the financial sector. The simple goal: Kill the money men.

"Squash the $treet" promises vengeance, if only in virtual form, on the faceless fraudsters who built the economic bubble and absconded with our dreams.

Essentially, it's a version of the old carnival standby, Whack-a-Mole, only updated as a kind of "Offing Madoff." As you play, you get a bird's eye view of a city block that I guess we're supposed to take for Wall Street. The closing bell rings, and one by one, businessmen scurry out of the buildings (with names such as Guilded Hacks, Shadygroup, and Leave 'em Bros) and try to hustle into their private jets, and getaway limousines before you can squash them under your thumb like bugs.