Man takes phone call complaint a little too far


Ohioan Charles Papenfus is cooling his heels today in a St. Louis jail, unable to raise the $45,000 bail, after a bitter exchange with a phone rep of a company that hustles car warranties.

Papenfus, infuriated by the company's actions, threatened to burn the company's building down, then hunt down and kill the employees and their families.

Papenfus received a direct mail piece offering to extend the warranty on his car. However, he didn't have a warranty to extend. His wife says he called the company to find out why they made such an offer.

Apparently dissatisfied with the company's response, he called back. Finally, the company called him to resolve the issue, but the discussion between Papenfus and the service rep quickly went sour. After the service rep called Papenfus a jackass (or something similar, but profane), he responded with the threats that landed him in jail.