What do your waistline and your wallet have in common?


...Actually, quite a bit. Getting your body in shape and getting your finances in shape have more in common than you might think. In a recent interview with Andrea Metcalf I found out just how alike these two endeavors really are, and conversely learning how you can get in shape cheap and save yourself some money.

One of the first questions I had for Metcalf was whether or not I needed to take some kind of multi-vitamin. After all, I'm only 26. I shouldn't need to worry about that until my 30's or 40's right? Right?

While Metcalf didn't go so far as to shove a men's One-a-Day down my throat, she was quick to warn against the dangers of waiting to get in shape. She compared getting in shape at a young age, be it through vitamins or exercise, to the benefits of saving at an early age. Just like saving a million by retirement is easier if you start at 25 when you'd only have to save $383 a month, as opposed to $1,243 a month at 40, starting a fitness routine at an early age will result in exponential benefits over the rest of your life.