School Custodian: Blue Collar Job With a White Collar Salary


The middle school hierarchy is simple. Principal, vice principal, teacher, librarian, teacher's aide, custodian.

And you might imagine that higher pay goes along with more authority. The principal makes more than a vice principal, a teacher more than a librarian and then there's the crusty old custodian. It's obvious, right?

Surprise! Custodians can make more than middle school teachers, even teachers who hold Master's degrees. Not only that, but some custodians are just plain hot. Meet 33-year-old Chip Walker, a (very cute) school custodian in Ridgewood, Queens. Walker brings home $60,000 a year, thanks to 13 years experience and regular overtime. His best friend, a 32-year-old eighth grade teacher with his Master's degree makes $55,000 a year.