Living the Map: Overseas For Another 50 Jobs

By Clare Goggin for Digital City

Perhaps you remember Daniel Seddiqui, the guy on a mission to get 50 jobs in 50 states. Well, we caught up with him again this week as he takes on his 42nd job in New York City.

Since last we spoke, Daniel has doubled his work experience and the number of states he's visited. He still has eight weeks to go but he's already got plans for an encore tour of Europe where he aims to nab 50 jobs in 50 countries. But not until after he finishes writing his book and tours colleges and universities in this country first.

Not bad for a USC graduate who couldn't find a job just a few years ago, huh?

This week, Daniel's cozying up to a job in advertising, involving Internet marketing and building a Web site. And New York City is certainly an exciting place to be -- even if it's just for a week. But this guy has seen lots of action all over the country.

Since job #21, the Living the Map expert has coached football in Alabama, mined coal in West Virginia, made sugar (for maple syrup) in Vermont, performed as a stilt walker at Universal Studios Orlando and even worked with the Pennsylvania Dutch. While bouncing from state to state, job to job and staying with friendly people who kindly take him in, He's seen quite a bit and encountered quite a few different cultures within this country.

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