Angry iPhone users: Frustration with AT&T could boost Verizon shares


This weekend a brouhaha erupted online after TechCrunch writer MG Siegler wrote a post entitled, "AT&T is a Big, Steaming Heap of Failure." Siegler chronicled how AT&T (T) failed for two weeks to deliver any voicemails left on his iPhone number to the handset's visual voicemail system.

In comments to the article, founder Rafat Ali chimed in that a source had left a voicemail on his iPhone confirming what would have been a huge scoop -- that BusinessWeek magazine was up for sale. But the message got lost in AT&T's mobile network and Ali missed out on the scoop, a failure that probably cost his site thousands of dollars in lost advertising revenues. For his part, Siegler missed numerous work calls. The take home from this? AT&T is becoming a huge liability to Apple (AAPL). Buy Verizon (VZ) shares pronto as Apple will have to sell its iPhones elsewhere.