9 Ways to Make Your Job More Rewarding, Fun and Easy

By Holly Eagleson for Lemondrop

You might think that having a BFF at work would be too distracting, what with all the nonstop prank wars and chit-chat. But it turns out the opposite is true: A Gallup poll found that having a best friend at the office makes you seven times more engaged in your work and 43 percent more likely to get praise.

If you're swimming in a sea of Dwight Schrutes, consider buddying up to one of these unexpected folks. Strategic trench buddies will do more than improve your workday -- they could actually bolster your career.

1. Your boss.

Yep, it really is kosher to buddy up to her. Studies show that employers are less likely to fire underlings who they feel friendly towards. Related Lemondrop research has also found you're five times more likely to get booted if your supervisor sees you as a pitiful kiss-ass. So don't suck up or share too much about yourself unless she asks. But politely ingratiating yourself (especially with her spouse and kids) can't hurt.

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