Media World: CNBC's Dennis Kneale declares war on bloggers

Dennis Kneale, the second crankiest CNBC personality behind Larry Kudlow, is mad as hell at the blogosphere and can't take it any more.

Recently, the former managing editor at Forbes magazine became irate that one of my blogging brothers or sisters published his address, according to TVNewser. Kneale even likened blogs, which he said he tried to ignore, to the "slam books" from elementary school where kids would detail the reason they hated a particular classmate. After trying to ignore the "hateful hangers-on" who cloak themselves in cowardly anonymity, Kneale decided to offer an "olive branch" to his critics by saying "up yours."

The commentator is like those starlets in Hollywood who complain about the paparazzi until no one cares enough to follow them. Blogs are only savaging Kneale because he is on national TV and occasionally deserves it. Lashing out at critics will only serve to embolden them.

Ranting about mean bloggers is like complaining about the blue sky. The internet is a mean place. I get more than my share of insults. None of them killed me.

Some Wall Street pundits are backing Kneale. "Frankly, if you haven't got the cajones to put your name on your work, I can't take you seriously," writes Tim Lindmark on Wall Street Pit. This writer is, of course, correct. Nonetheless, it seems as though Kneale is trying to have it both ways. There probably is plenty of anonymous praise for the CNBC anchor as well: He makes for good entertainment.

As a member of the liberal (Obama supporter) media elite (sort of anyway), I feel I have a duty to offer Kneale some advice: You are in the "book." Anyone with rudimentary Internet knowledge -- like me -- can figure out with a high degree of certainty where you live using a well-known free Web site. I guess either Kneale forgot to unlist his phone number or the brass at CNBC never advised him that people who are going to be controversial TV hosts ought to make sure that wackos don't know where they live.

In some ways, that's beside the point. Kneale's rant is just off the mark.

Anonymous criticism sucks but most journalists develop a thick skin. It's time Kneale did the same.

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