Dwayne Wade jumps from Converse to Nike


There has been a major development in the world of athletic shoes, and to no one's surprise, it involves Nike (NKE). Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat has taken his shoes and gone from Converse to Brand Jordan. Wade stated that he "didn't want to be in the Converse brand anymore because it seemed like they didn't know what to do with me." In addition, Wade told the Associated Press that he wanted to global, and this move was necessary to achieve such notoriety.

Wade will now join a stable of athletes that includes NBA players Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony and MLB star Derek Jeter. As Wade noted, he has "enormous respect" for the Nike brand, and grew up on the south side of Chicago idolizing Michael Jordan (for whom the brand is named). It must have done Wade's heart well to hear Michael Jordan say that he is "thrilled" that Wade is in the Brand Jordan family.