Massucci's Take: Tech war is on as Microsoft goes Burger King on Apple


Covering tech has become more fun of late, as Apple (AAPL) pulled the iTunes plug on Palm Pre users, Microsoft Bing-ed Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO), Apple supposedly asked Microsoft to stop their 'PCs are cheaper' ads, and Microsoft takes on Google with a free version of Office. In tech, missiles are being fired almost every day.

Now the latest salvo: according to our friends at Engadget, Microsoft (MSFT) will open stores right next to Apple's stores later this year. Genius. (No pun intended to Apple's Genius Bar.) This is what Burger King (BKC) did years ago to McDonald's (MCD). They'd open up right next door or across the street and people would gape and say, 'How can they do that?' Sure it was gauche. It seems to have worked, though, for the king of burgers. Now Microsoft is pulling the same move on Apple.