No head left behind -- free haircuts for disadvantaged youth

long hair
long hair

Who doesn't remember the hair angst of his/her teen years? Is the color too dark? What can I do with this cowlick? Is my beehive higher than my archrival's? Am I over-moussed? A psychologist might suggest that neat, healthy hair is one way to visually demonstrate health, and in the dance of reproduction, healthy mates have a leg up.

This is the reason I was impressed by a promise from Hair Cuttery, with almost 800 salons on the Eastern seaboard, to give one free haircut to a disadvantaged child every time a child 18 or under receives a paid one. This program will run from August 1-15, and during that time, the company expects to give away more than 60,000 free haircuts.

This is not the first year for this program, either. Over the past ten years, Hair Cuttery has given away close to half-a-million free haircuts.

This company is not the only firm giving away free cuts, though. Across the country, individual shops often hold days when they will cut the hair of firefighters, police, veterans and others for free. Google "free haircuts" under the search engine's News tab to find such programs in your area.