E.D. drugs found in supplements, recall issued


Male users of Nature & Health Co. supplements may have found themselves surprisingly virile recently.

The company has announced a voluntary recall of six of its dietary supplements which were found to contain active ingredients used in erectile dysfunction medications, aminotadafil and sulfoaidenafil. The products are

  • LibieXtreme

  • Y-4ever

  • Libimax X Liquid

  • Powermania Liquid

  • Herbal Disiac

  • Powermania

The company claimed "Libimax is formulated to achieve maximum effectiveness in improving the male libido. It promotes a healthy sex drive and maximizes penile blood flow allowing men to achieve rock solid erections." It also claimed the product was all-natural and contained no chemicals (which, technically, is virtually impossible). Oops.

See the press announcement from the FDA for more details.

In a loosely related story, scientists from the University of Washington recently carried out a successful one-day test of municipal waste water from 96 Oregon cities. The water samples were tested for traces of illegal drugs that had been screened through the kidneys of dopers in those communities.

Using these results, the researchers were able to construct snapshots of the use of methamphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy in those towns, neighborhood by neighborhood. How long before law enforcement catches onto the concept and forms "pee police" squads to monitor the drug traffic clues hidden in the sewage?

Putting the two together, it seems perfectly possible for scientists to determine the most tumescent and flaccid cities in America by measuring ED drugs in the water systems. I'm betting that's one Top 100 list you won't see in Forbes.