Rained out vacation? Don't worry - you're insured!

I've heard of travel insurance, but never this kind.

French travel agencies have started offering insurance to cover bad weather.

Vacationers can claim back part of the cost of their trip -- up to 400 euros, or $556 -- if they suffer at least four days of rain in any one week, according to a Reuters story.

But how will the travel agent know if you're telling the truth and not just pouring water on your suitcase?

Aon France will use satellite photos obtained by the French weather bureau to calculate how much insurance holders will receive.

"Aon France allows Pierre & Vacances to propose its clients with automatic reimbursement for part of their stay...if weather conditions don't meet expectations," the holiday group said in a statement.

Vacationers would be informed by telephone text message or e-mail if they are to be compensated. They would receive a check a few days after returning home.

According to the man behind the idea, Herv Kayser, in a trial run last year, 10% of those interested in the insurance policy had enough rain to get money back on their vacation.

I don't know if a 10% chance of rain is enough to encourage travelers to buy rain insurance, but that's the point of insurance -- to protect against even small chances of disaster.

Probably best not to vacation in England then.
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