Google Voice: One number for life

If you think Google is everywhere in your collection of computers and devices, you're right. The omnipresent online behemoth is at it again with Google Voice, which is coming to a cell phone near you.

Through the app, users can search the Web, send e-mails, create documents, modify spreadsheets and update to-do lists by using Google (GOOG). Google Voice makes it possible to choose a single phone number, through which one can take calls on any -- or all -- of one's phones.

To encourage use of Google Voice, Google has already created applications for Blackberry and Android phones, but it has yet to produce something for the Apple iPhone. However, as Google Voice co-founder Craig Walker told TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, a Google Voice iPhone app is already in the works.
When users port their current phone numbers into the Google Voice service, the people they call will see whichever number the user chooses to display. This, of course, only works when utilized on the Google Voice app; during regular service calls, users will have no control over the number they display.

On today's Google Voice blog, the company stated that "The mobile application makes using Google Voice with your cell phone simpler by letting you place calls and send SMS messages directly from your Google Voice number."

Using Google Voice on the apps also gives users the ability to better control how they make and receive calls. If a user has two cell phones, for example, and the battery dies on one, he can instruct the second phone to ring instead. Alternately, if he's expecting an call and wants to ring one particular phone, he can have that happen without giving callers multiple phone numbers.

Google Voice, like many of Google's other services, helps users do what they want from where they want to do it. The added bonus for those using Google Voice is that they don't need to hunt for a wi-fi hot spot to use the app. The downside is, it will put some off if it seems confusing or unwieldy. Of course, others may reject it because Google is becoming omnipotent, and they won't want it injected into yet another area of their lives.

Anthony Massucci is a senior writer for DailyFinance. You may follow him on Twitter athianthony.
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