Bike to this Berlin brothel, get a discount

The feed store where I buy organic layer feed for my backyard chickens offers me a 10% "human-powered transport" discount if I pick up my order on my bicycle. As I bike around town happily (and slowly, chicken feed is heavy), I think, everyone should offer a discount like this!

Evidently, my desires have some sort of uncanny telepathic power, because in Berlin, a brothel believes the same thing. Everyone should get a discount for showing up at a business via bike. Even if the order you're picking up is, well, you know. Something that doesn't really need to be picked up, more lifted... ok, I've said enough.

The discount, 5 euros off the regular 70 euro fee, applies both to bicyclists and customers who can prove they've arrived via public transportation. Says Thomas Goetz, owner of the Maison d'envie brothel, "It's good for business, it's good for the environment -- and it's good for the girls." He didn't elaborate as to why bicycling customers are good for prostitutes, other than the fact that it alleviates traffic and parking problems in the neighborhood, although I'm sure we can come up with lots of off-color jokes and suppositions to fill in the blanks. Perhaps we'll just accept that bicycling customers are more fit, and therefore, easier on the bedsprings.

In the end, if you're going to buy sex, I suppose I'm all for having you stay out of the car while doing so. (And suddenly I am rethinking the whole chaste image I have of the bakfiets, the famous Dutch, "box bike." Ewww? Teehee? I don't know.)
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