12 Jobs That Will Never Disappear


jobsWhile we haven't quite reached the age of flying cars, we've certainly made significant strides in civilization. Gone are the heydays of goldsmiths and wheelwrights, but an element of those jobs live on in one form or another. With advancements in technology and science, so come changes in jobs.

And while there are certainly more than 12 occupations that will stand the test of time -- like artist and politician -- check out this list of jobs that have staying power:

1. Doctor

Why it's everlasting: While humans pride themselves on being the most intelligent of species, we still have a mortality rate, and we still get bumped, bruised and diseased along the way. We will always need people to investigate and treat our medical conditions.

2. Teacher

Why it's everlasting: There will always be a need for education, and there will always be a need for people to do the educating.

3. Mortician

Why it's everlasting: Unless a solution for mortality is found and available to everyone, there will always be a need for someone to care after the deceased.

4. Waste Disposal Manager

Why it's everlasting:Humans create a lot of waste, biologically and otherwise. We'll always need people to maintain and relocate our messes.

5. Scientist

Why it's everlasting:Humans will always ponder our surroundings and how everything works. We need people to dedicate their lives to the cause and effects of our actions and our environments to deal with changes.

6. Tax Collector

Why it's everlasting:As the old saying goes, "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." For all reported income, there will always be a form of collection to aid government programs.

7. Barber

Why it's everlasting:People will always need to have their hair cut and groomed.

8. Soldier

Why it's everlasting:Even if world peace were a reality, there would still be a fear of future wars based on history.

9. Religious Leader

Why it's everlasting:As people continue to ponder the meaning of their own existence, a majority find a need for people to assist them with a form of spiritual guidance.

10. Law Enforcement Officer

Why it's everlasting:If we are dependant upon a system that governs, we will also be dependant upon people to enforce the rules of that system.

11. Farmer

Why it's everlasting:One of the basic human needs is food and, even though farming is increasingly consolidated, there will still be a need for someone to grow it.

12. Construction Worker

Why it's everlasting:In the same way we'll always need food, we'll always need a form of shelter to protect us from the elements. We will always need construction workers to build and repair our buildings.

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