The dumbest idea and website I've ever seen in my whole life


Earlier this month, I wrote about Congress' decision to give the credit card companies until 2010 to stop ripping off consumers. That led to this comment from someone calling himself Gary Anderson:

Seriously, if you don't need a great credit score because your aren't going to buy a house or buy a car, just protest this bank slavery by not paying your cards. If everyone stops paying credit cards in the next two years in protest, the banks will tank and we can be free of international bankers. Maybe the government will even kick out the federal reserve bank (a private bank).

Then he linked to a Web site -- -- that has more of the same stupid, stupid, stupid ideas.

There are basically two reasons this is really dumb. First, I get that the banks have done evil things. But if you took out a loan and agreed to pay it back, how is reneging on the deal an appropriate way of protesting? Did their gangster tactics force you to take out a loan?