Michael and money -- Let's let MJ rest in peace

Michael Jackson was exploited while he was alive -- now it continues after his death. Family members cannot agree on where to bury him so his remains are presently being housed in Berry Gordy's crypt.

According to a New York Post report, patriarch Joe Jackson and Michael's brother Jermaine want the late Jackson buried at Neverland Ranch, which would then be turned into a museum a la Graceland.

However, Michael's mother Katherine and the rest of the family wants Jackson buried elsewhere, as he vowed to never return to Neverland following his child molestation acquittal in 2003.

Unfortunately, no one really ever considered Michael's wishes while he was alive, so why should they in death? For years, Michael was no more than a meal ticket for a brutal, demanding father. Michael previously described how his father would drive him to perform as he insulted him about his "big nose" and personal appearance. No wonder that MJ could never find peace with his appearance, his talent or his relationships.

Sure, Neverland could be an amazing museum with a huge financial potential. I'm sure that his father and brother are thinking that this is an opportunity that can not be missed. But what if that wasn't what Michael wanted?

By all accounts MJ never completely recovered from the charges and trial on child molestation that occurred. After he was acquitted, he wanted nothing more to do with Neverland. And while it may be lucrative to have a "Western Graceland," shouldn't Michael's wishes mean anything?

I see this as a sad summary of MJ's life. Everyone around him always looking for a buck and using his talent for their own gain. Let's let him rest in peace.

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