Back to school season is the best time to buy a laptop

Knowing when to buy a new computer is a lot like knowing when to hit or when to stand in Blackjack; buy today and you risk a newer or cheaper system coming out next week, but pass on a truly good deal and you'll still be wasting money.

Without a little help you may find yourself constantly waiting for the next big thing, while you try and make do with technology as old as the Golden Girls. Now, thanks to, most of the guesswork has been taken out of when to buy a new computer.

Dealnews, one of the web's best deal-hunting websites, tracked the price of an average -- but capable -- midsize laptop for the last 10 months and found out that the next two months, otherwise known as Back to School Season, is one of the best times to buy a new computer; even beating out Black Friday! Check out the chart after the jump.

historical prices for laptop
Yes, you can regularly find computers below the $500 mark; in fact has had several deals in the last two weeks for laptops starting at $299, although these use older technology. The way I look at it, even though a laptop depreciates, it's still an investment, and if you buy from the bottom of the barrel you'll just end up shopping again that much sooner. That's why Dealnews tracked a Core 2 Duo laptop with at least 2 GB of ram and a 15.4" screen; a computer with these specs will keep you in business for a while.

So what's the right price to pay? According to the experts at Dealnews, "although it's possible to find deals close to the $500 mark, deals at or below $500 are so far extremely rare, so snatch one up the minute you see one." That's advice you can take to the bank.

Check back soon for a look at the best deals on back to school netbooks.
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