As Microsoft prepares to release Windows 7, tech world prepares to yawn


As Microsoft gears up for the release of Windows 7, it looks like distressing news may be in the works for the software titan. A recent survey of informational technology (IT) administrators revealed that 59 percent have no plans to adopt the new platform and more than a third may delay implementation until the end of 2010. In fact, only 5.4 percent stated that they will move to the new system in 2009.

The survey, which was conducted by ScriptLogic, queried over 20,000 IT admins, and received over 1,000 responses. The primary reason for delaying or refusing upgrade was economic: 42 percent of respondents stated that they were holding off on Windows 7 because of a lack of time and resources. In light of the recession, this seems reasonable; faced with slowing revenue streams and layoffs, it seems likely that a new operating system of questionable utility would be the last thing on a lot of agendas.