America's best small towns- according to CNNMoney


Small town America. Those from big cities often think of them as peaceful, friendly, unsophisticated. Some who grew up in them couldn't wait to leave. But many didn't. There are almost 19,000 incorporated towns in the U.S. with populations under 50,000. From these, a recent CNNMoney list culled the top 100, or .005% .5%.

The list is based on a number of criteria, including availability of jobs, price of housing, low crime, good schools, and average income; no points for charm, spirit, swimming holes, churches or potluck dinners. You'd think CNNMoney had never listened to The Prairie Home Companion.

Tops among the country's small towns on this list were (links go to AOL Real Estate home listings)

  1. Louisville, Colo.

  2. Chanhassen, Minn.

  3. Papillion, Neb.

  4. Middleton, Wis.

  5. Milton, Mass.

  6. Warren, N.J.

  7. Keller, Texas

  8. Peachtree City, Ga.

  9. Lake St. Louis, Mo.

  10. Mukilteo, Wash.