Find True Love (and 11 Other Things You Can Do Over a Coffee Break)

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By Holly Eagleson for Lemondrop

The term lunch hour is cruelly misleading, since hardly anybody gets a full 60 minutes anymore.

But if you take just a half-hour during the day and spend it on yourself with one of these ideas, you'll feel like you actually got in some you-time for once ... in less time than it takes to buy a latte.

1. Loosen up. Get a 15-minute massage at a nearby nail salon.

2. Tone up in your seat. Watch a "desk yoga" or 15-minute-abs video online that won't require a shower afterward.

3. Head outside. Try a new street food, hit the park and people-watch. If there's no expanse of green near you, churches often have serene garden spaces open to the public.

4. Check out some art ... even if it's artwork in a coffee shop or an office building. Banks, in particular, often purchase or commission interesting pieces by local artists.

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