Referring Someone for a Job? Do's and Don'ts


Hiring new employees is tough. Just ask managers surveyed by Robert Half International and Eighty-one percent of those polled said today's employment market is equally or more challenging than it was only one year ago, and more than half consider a shortage of qualified workers to be their biggest recruitment hurdle.

In light of the current market, hiring managers are turning to their employees for help when filling open positions. In fact, many firms are offering everything from free dinners to time off to cash bonuses for employee referrals.

While recommending someone you know for a position with your company can benefit you financially and the organization as a whole, it's important to look before you leap. Strongly supporting someone who does not work out or repeatedly suggesting that your manager hire unqualified candidates can affect your professional reputation. So, when it comes to making referrals, keep the following do's and don'ts in mind.