Murphy-Goode's job contest turns sour


A month ago, DailyFinance reported on Murphy-Goode's search for an all-purpose networker-for-hire. The Sonoma-based winemaker conducted its quest through an online contest that encouraged candidates to submit videos to the company's site. These clips, in turn, were re-posted on YouTube, giving Murphy-Goode an impressive amount of online publicity. Over the ensuing weeks, as viewers were able to vote for their favorite contestants, the search drew huge amounts of traffic to the company's website.

The big prize -- a six-month social networking gig, complete with a $60,000 paycheck and free room and board -- was an impressive reward. However, when compared with the free publicity of the viral campaign, it was a fantastic bargain. Unfortunately, with the contest closed, it seems likely that Murphy-Goode's publicity, rather than aging, is beginning to sour.