Billy Mays pitches from beyond the grave


Although Billy Mays died two weeks ago, the powers that be have determined that the show -- and Mays' amazing showmanship -- must go on. Before his death, the famed pitchman recorded commercials for two new products, Mighty Tape and the Mighty Putty Super Pack. Media Enterprises, the marketing company that represents Mays' "Mighty" brands, has decided that his final impassioned pleas for sales will be shared with the public.

According to reports, the last commercials show Mays at the height of his carnival-barking powers. On Mighty Tape, for example, he progresses from putting the sticky strips on leaky kitchen faucets to using them to repair a scuba hose. The latter demonstration occurs underwater, where Mays accessorizes his usual blue shirt and khaki pants with a full set of scuba gear.