Report: Bravo reality star target of FBI investigation


Josh Flagg (center) gained notoriety for his feud with fellow Malibu Realtor Chad Rogers on the second season of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing but unfortunately for him, the publicity was just getting started.

Back in August of last year, Flagg was arrested on charges that he had stolen some very valuable art from a home he was selling on behalf of a client -- works by artists including Picasso and Chagall. The charges were quickly dropped and Mr. Flagg continued with his successful real estate career.

But the story isn't over. The Real Estalker reports that "the pending civil trial brought against Beverly Hills real estate agent Josh Flagg for an alleged art heist has been put on hold to make way for an investigation by the City Attorney and the FBI. That's right, the FBI."

It's not yet known whether Flagg stars in the new season of Million Dollar Listing set to begin airing sometime in the fall. But when the moderator of the Million Dollar Listing fan group on Facebook posted a link to a story on Josh's legal troubles last month, he allegedly responded with this very mature message: "may i ask you why you feel the need to attack me on your website? i mean, you know nothing about me what so ever, and i find it quite strange (and creepy) that you are talking still about a show that is only doing reruns now and was over last year." (sic)

The beat goes on. . .