Pre-Order Windows 7 before July 11 and save 50%


If you're sick and tired of using an operating system that can barely shut down correctly some days (Windows Vista) or simply want something that runs better than Windows XP, there's good news at your door: Windows 7 is coming in October, and right now you can get it half price.

Through July 11 you can pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium for $49.99 and Windows 7 professional for $99.99, a discount of 50% from the retail price in October.

Unlike the trouble many consumers ran into with Windows Vista upgrades, Windows 7 runs smoothly on many older computers and netbooks, making it a worthwhile upgrade option. You can even try out a release candidate version of Windows 7 for free right now, to see how it runs on your computer. But be warned: this isn't the final version, and you shouldn't use it as your primary operating system.