Money & Wellness: Setting goals

As Thomas Edison famously said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Setting goals is the easy part. Kelley Black of Balancing the Executive Life, who gave us breathing techniques for our ickiest money chores, shares her tips with Walletpop on how to achieve your goals:

"Effective goal setting is intentional, requiring mental discipline, will power, faith and constancy. Effective goal setting requires an understanding of energy and the law of the seed and the fruit. Remember all your power is at the beginning of initiating any action. By following these energetic laws of goal setting you increase your chances of a positive outcome.

"Law #1: What do you want to create in your life?
Think of your goal in terms of what you want to move toward as opposed to what you want to move away from. Always put it in a positive context. You become what you gaze upon and what you gaze upon will multiply. Concentrate on a positive future, rather than past disappointments.

"If you are struggling with a negative, victimized mindset and wanting to let go of the past, the following affirmation done daily will move you towards a more empowered state of mind.

"Positive Affirmation: "The Universe loves and supports me. I release the past and reclaim my good now."

"Law #2: How does reaching your goal serve the greater good?
Think beyond the little "me" to the greater "we." How will achieving your goal benefit more than just yourself? Whether it's getting more money, your dream job, a larger or better home/apartment etc., ask yourself how obtaining your goal can be a platform for serving others.

"Positive Affirmation: "The Universe serves those who serve others. Attaining my goal of ((fill in the blank)) will contribute to helping ((fill in the blank)).

"Law #3: Are you able to conquer fear in order to manifest your goal now?
Fear and anxiety are large obstacles to reaching your goals. They are the states of mind that tell you that you are undeserving, not good enough and any number of reasons why you cannot obtain your goal. It's important to realize that you are greater than you know yourself to be. With discipline and determination, anything is possible.

"The "I AM, I AM" mantra is a powerful means by which to connect to the fearless, empowered part of yourself. The [first] I AM is I am who I know myself to be, while the ...[second] I AM means: I am that which is greater than who I know myself to be. I AM, I AM is the seed mantra for wisdom and intelligence.

"Work with the I AM, I AM mantra daily for 40 – 120 days, enables you to conquer all self-defeating behaviors that block you from setting and staying the course to obtain your goal. Work with this powerful mantra daily as indicated below and experience unshakeable confidence and the quicker manifestation of your goal.

"Inhale deeply. Hold your breath and silently repeat "I AM, I AM" 8x. Exhale as slowly as possible and hold your breath out and repeat "I AM, I AM" 8x. Continue for 3 sets."
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