Frustrated job hunter? Just start your own business already


My friend Mark has been laid off twice in the past year, and he's obviously frustrated. He called me, a freelance writer for the past seven years, recently to pick my brain about starting his own business, as he'd rather be his own boss now than go through the job-hunting rigamarole for a third time.

I said "go for it" and pointed him to this article I wrote recently for Bankrate about why this recession may be a good time to start your own business.

If you too are a frustrated job-hunter, becoming an entrepreneur instead may be something to consider, rather than waiting for the economy to turn around for a company to offer you a job. After all, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard all started their businesses during recessions (Uncle Walt started his during the Great Depression) and look where their companies are now.