The cheaper, faster way to buy groceries


Shopping for groceries in stores packed with aisles and aisles of items you don't want is almost inevitable as death and taxes. But thanks to a new grocery service called Alice, that's all about to change. Just like Alice handled all the shopping for the Brady Bunch, you can count on Alice to pick up most of your household necessities, saving you time and money.

The first way saves you money is by offering products much cheaper than most brick and mortar stores. When comparing my weekly shopping list, I saved 35 cents on Q-tips, $2.50 on body wash, $1 on dish soap, $1.40 on cereal and much more. The cost of many other products we use like toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry supplies were also on par or cheaper than what we pay at the store, and with free shipping there's no hidden cost at checkout. Prices can get even lower when coupons are applied. Best of all, you don't have to clip any ... if there's a coupon for an item on your list, it's simply applied.

Getting started is easy as well. After telling a little bit about your household, it will build a shopping list that makes finding products effortless, and intuitively suggests when you should reorder them. After using the site for a while, you can use a built-in budgeting tool to see a breakdown of what you spend the most on, which is more useful than the tracking in other personal finance apps since you can see exactly what you spend on groceries for each room of the house instead of a lump sum.

Alice won't completely rule out the need to go to the store, since the site doesn't carry a large selection of food, but it will cut down the amount of time you spend when you do go. Since spending an extra minute in the grocery store past the half hour mark will cost you an extra 50 cents to a dollar, the savings are even more significant. Personally, being able to stick to the first five aisles at the grocery store instead of wandering into the back 20 is reason enough to keep building up my shopping list at Alice.

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