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"Eternal frat boy" culture tends to isolate women: the abusive/nagging girlfriend in The Hangover, disapproving wives in Old School. In reality, my college years were more Frank the Tank than Allure magazine. That's why I prefer men's magazines over women's -- the information is a million times more useful than another method for applying eye-shadow.

If you agree, you'll love, a site that sends a daily newsletter of cool, unique, useful goods, sites, and services, like customized t-shirts that show off your resume. "Slow learner, hates details and working in groups..." as the inevitably ironic version might say.

"There's always some element of service in anything we cover -- a suggestion to go here, buy this. And there has to be something about it that's entertaining and funny," says late twenty-something C.E.O. Ben Lerer who founded the site in Manhattan with Adam Rich, a fraternity brother from the University of Pennsylvania. The two wanted to bridge the gap between stodgy local guides and classic men's magazines. "Esquire is going to tell you vests are in this season; we're going to tell you where sales in your city, for clothing we think is really cool, can be had. We're connecting the dots."