10 Worst (and Weirdest) Work Stories of 2008


2008 was a big year: We experienced one of the most debated presidential elections in history; the Phillies won the World Series; Madonna and Guy Ritchie separated; our economy is in a recession; and a man got stabbed for giving an inexcusable haircut. Wait a second -- you didn't hear about that last one? Let me fill you in: A San Diego man allegedly stabbed a barber who gave him an unacceptable haircut. The man attacked the shop owner as he was closing down and slashed him twice in the face. The motive was that the man was unhappy with a previous haircut, according to authorities. (Source: 10News.com) In midst of all the daily chaos that goes on in the world, a different type of pandemonium takes place every day in the workplace. Sometimes you hear about it and sometimes you don't -- on the off chance that you haven't, we've done that part for you. Here are some of the stranger things that happened in the workplace (and out) during 2008:

1. "Central Florida firefighters save dogs with mouth-to-mouth CPR"

Firefighters in Florida revived several dogs by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after they were rescued from a house fire. The dogs were taken to area hospitals. (Source: Local6.com)

2. "Man shot by friend so he could skip work"

One man took calling in sick to new extremes after he had his friend shoot him the shoulder so he could miss work. The man told deputies he was shot in a drive-by while jogging before work. He later revealed that he'd asked a friend to shoot him so he wouldn't have to take a drug test at the office. (Source: MSNBC.com)

3. "Police chief fired after stealing beer from firefighters' fridge"

The police chief of a small Kansas town was convicted of stealing beer after a surveillance tape showed him taking it from the fire department's refrigerator. It wasn't disclosed how much beer he pilfered or why it was in the fire department. He was suspended without pay pending an appeal of the conviction. (Source: Fox News)

4."Man shoots co-worker while rescuing him from crocodile"

Two crocodile farm workers were collecting crocodile eggs by a river bank when a crocodile grabbed one of them by the arm. The second man shot the crocodile, which caused him to release the victim. A second shot fired, however, hit the man in the same arm in which the crocodile grabbed him. The man survived. (Source: CNN.com)

5. "DVD in firefighter's coat blocks bullet"

Barry McRoy, a South Carolinafire and rescue director, was leaving a Waffle House restaurant when two men came in fighting over a gun. The gun fired, hit one of the struggling men, shattered a window and hit McRoy, who didn't realize he'd been shot. The bullet hit a DVD McRoy had in his pocket; he only suffered a bruise. (Source: MSNBC.com)

6. "Man tries to pay for meal with pot"

A California McDonald's restaurant worker received a shock when a drive-thru customer offered to pay for his meal with marijuana. The cashier called police, who found drugs in the customer's car and arrested him. (Source: MSNBC.com)

7. "Store changing 'open door' policy"

After being robbed three times in one year, a New Hampshire convenience store is now requiring customers to be "approved" by the store owner before coming in. The store will keep its doors locked and customers are refused if the owner can't recognize them through the glass doors. (Source: WISHTV8.com)

8. "Snake bites mailman -- who finishes rounds"

A 66-year-old Floridamailman doing his rounds was bitten by a poisonous snake when he put mail inside a mailbox. He told authorities he shook his arm and beat the snake against his car door to loosen its grip. He continued his rounds for the next 30 minutes before seeking help. The snake was thought to be an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. (Source: MSNBC.com)

9. "2 ex-workers sue Neiman Marcus over sex tape"

Two former security employees at an Illinois Neiman Marcus are suing the department store, alleging they were illegally videotaped while having sexual intercourse at work. The two claim they were secretly videotaped on a hidden video camera and were fired because of their interactions. They also allege that a store manager shared the videotape with several others and on a nationwide online database of security personnel. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

10. "Employee is charged in fight at restaurant"

Two brothers employed at a Maryland restaurant argued over their job duties, which resulted in a knife fight. One brother reportedly told the other to mop the floor, which enraged him. Both brothers suffered small cuts, but only one was charged with first-degree assault. This was the second call from the restaurant where one worker attacked another with a knife. (Source: Baltimore Sun)

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