10 Worst (and Weirdest) Work Stories of 2008



2008 was a big year: We experienced one of the most debated presidential elections in history; the Phillies won the World Series; Madonna and Guy Ritchie separated; our economy is in a recession; and a man got stabbed for giving an inexcusable haircut. Wait a second -- you didn't hear about that last one? Let me fill you in: A San Diego man allegedly stabbed a barber who gave him an unacceptable haircut. The man attacked the shop owner as he was closing down and slashed him twice in the face. The motive was that the man was unhappy with a previous haircut, according to authorities. (Source: 10News.com) In midst of all the daily chaos that goes on in the world, a different type of pandemonium takes place every day in the workplace. Sometimes you hear about it and sometimes you don't -- on the off chance that you haven't, we've done that part for you. Here are some of the stranger things that happened in the workplace (and out) during 2008: