Toys in love and war


As Walletpop's own Francine Huff recently noted, Build-A-Bear's customers have recently discovered a new use for the lovely, cuddly line of toys. In addition to being cute little child magnets, the fluffy 'lil bundles of love also make great containers for smuggling heroin.

However, as the New York Police Department and the Build-a-Bear company sort out this public relations nightmare, it's worth noting that this isn't the first time that this has happened.

From toy tool boxes used to move cocaine to Mr. Potato head dolls stuffed with ecstasy, smugglers have long recognized the value of using deceptively innocent toys to move illicit substances. Perhaps the most interesting example was the miniature helicopter used to smuggle contraband into England's Elmley prison, although the inflatable kayak full of coke is also pretty impressive.